On Hacking

Today was the first day of 500 Startups Distro Dojo program in London, which I participated in as part of TRDATA team.

The program is designed to unlock the maximum potential of growth for the company, and we’re learning different aspects of growth. There’s a term “Growth Hacking” which we’ve been discussing today, and I got some additional thinking on the “Hacking” part.

So what distinguishes a Hacker? 

Unrelated to whether it’s hacking for growth, life or code, it’s an ability to find shortcuts, and decide on what NOT to do, so that the end result is achieved in a most efficient (shortest) way.

Once you prioritized and find a way, you stick to it, until you fail, and then you pick the other one.

I think that understanding this part is particularly important, cause we always operate in a limited amount of resources (time, money, etc) and to maximize someone’s value and impact, you got to spend some time on deciding main objectives and the shortest paths which lead to them, throwing away all of the rest.

I’m trying to apply this principle both to my professional and personal life, which involves some amount of planning and prioritizing in the beginning and then systematically deciding upon what is not worth doing.

Next time you’ll need to achieve smth, make a list of all of the possible ways to achieve it, and then underline things, that you’ll not do.


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