Lifetramping Is A (New) Way Of Practical Learning

Remember how back then one had to shadow someone for years in order to learn the profession? Now despite all the technology advancements it became ridiculously hard to get practical education and make a career choice. But luckily some startups are striving to solve this problem.

This week I had my first “lifetramping” experience with Mariusz Cieśla – founder of Lifetramp.

I booked Mariusz through a web-site which was super easy and fast and he invited me to come to his office in Betahaus coworking space in Berlin.


The meeting was very insightful and Mariusz was very open and informal in sharing his experience. We discussed lots of things, like how did their startup get its first 1000 registered users, what’s the structure of the team, how do they engage users, what are the current metrics, what is the business model, how did they come up to the idea and get their first money, etc..

Maruisz : “I hate the word entrepreneur”.

Mariusz showed me his desk and the coworking space and in the end we went to the rooftop with an amazing view on Berlin city.


I learned a lot during the day and got inspired by the stories of community members, so the new lifetramping is definitely coming !


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