For All Those Who Love Changes – I Might Be One Of You

I like the idea of constantly optimizing and improving things both in your personal life and at work.

When I was a child, I started thinking of making the best use of time, so I would track the time I spent for doing an activity and try to multitask as much as it’s possible.

Now since I grew older I don’t believe in multitasking that much, rather on focusing, prioritizing and managing your time wisely.

Yet I can’t say about myself that I’m a super efficient time manager now, that’s why I love technology and new ideas which help me to get better in day-to-day processes.


I believed that structuring data and spreadsheets is the best thing you can do in order to optimize data in your brain and automate some business processes, I still believe in it, but it’s not the panacea for success now, since new technologies evolve.

2.0 automation tools, like API-triggers, can do a bunch of social media work for you, but the possibilities of these tools become unlimited with wearable devices and internet of things. Famous has lots of helpful receipts, some of them I find very helpful for myself.

But the question here is not only which existing tools do you use to make your life more efficient, but also how do you discover these outdated processes which you’ve been doing in the same way for a long time, yet never questioned why you are doing them this way. And after this, how do you come up with a creative approach to solving them.

Most people don’t like changes and their question will be: “Why should we do things differently?” – those are the ones, who pull the progress back and slow down creativity.

I don’t like to be that kind of person, so when someone pitches me the idea I try not to focus on negativity and go too much into criticizing, rather trying to look at the idea from different angles and suggest an alternative.

Someone told me there’re only 2% of people in the world who like changes. I’m definitely the one of them, but I wish the percentage was more. Until then I’d like to be in a part of the world, where there’re more such people, and that’s why I’ve chosen to work in a startup.

P.S – if you have any receipts or ideas of how we can improve things in our lives and become more efficient – please write them here!


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