Tools for Business Development Which I Actually Use

(Last Updated: March 30, 2015)

Sharing is caring, so I decided to share the list of tools, which I use to make the business development process easier and more effective:

Searching for new leads 

Usually, I start with a simple Google Doc with different tabs for each vertical. Online databases of companies can be a good starting point to make a list of all players, and it’s very helpful to use Kimonify for structuring data and exporting it to CSV.


Making initial contact

Mailchimp is good for sending emails to the mailing list, no alternatives for me in this area.

Linkedin also works well for initial contact, especially if you have a huge network. I’ve tried paid versions couple of times for sending InMails, but never saw big effect from it. I try to structure all my Linkedin contacts with tags, so to navigate easier.

Finding out more about the contact

Rapportive is very helpful, if you have an email of a person (from a sign-up, for example) and you want to know more information about him in social networks and also stay in touch.

Managing the sales cycle 

In the startup where I work now we use Pipedrive as CRM, I use it for closing the sales cycle, managing sales activities from remote employees and also for revenue planning. There’re internal features in Pipedrive which are quite helpful to me: email activity reminders, deal timeline, deal probability.

I generally like Pipedrive’s simplicity, but there is a couple of tools, which makes the process for me even more effective.

I recently started using Yesware, which is sending emails directly to Pipedrive deal history.

Also with Rapportive add-on it’s easier to add contacts from mail directly to Pipedrive.


For those people whom I meet at the conferences, I like Evernote improved business card scanning tool which allows to immediately add contacts on Linkedin.

Apps for personal use

For personal use I also like various tools for networking, such as Highlight app, which are good for meeting new people, especially in other countries, where you can easily get to know professionals from the local community.

Since I go to business trips relatively often, Expensify is a must-have for simple expense tracking and reporting.

And for easy task managing I love

New Tools

I regularly discover and add new bizdev tools to this post and you can also follow my Product Hunt collection for BizDev tools here.

Let’s discuss! Add the comment below, send me an email or catch me on Twitter at @ekaterinaklink.


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