13 days in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius – Exploring the Smell of Baltic Startups


I went on my first trip to Riga to find out if the startup ecosystem even exists there.
The country is small, but there’re several startup incubators & hubs, one of them is TechHub Riga.

We went to the pitching session there and get to know some local entrepreneurs, designers and programmers.

One of the team which we’ve met is Froont – free tool for designing a web-site similar to the one that you like.

Latvia has its unique flavor of coziness and very cheap and affordable prices for running business.

As a bonus – best places to eat in Riga: Neiburgs, Viesistaba Vintage (cooking master-class), Biblioteka #1 Restorans, Olive Oil Trading Co.


Vilnius is becoming popular as an international IT hub, with companies such as Game Insight moving their headquarters there.

Also there’re some startups from Lithuania, which are famous worlwide, such as YPlan.

For 3 days we worked on our project in co-working space NVO Avilys in the center of Vilnius.


Another destination in the Baltics was Tallinn known for its “Estonian Startup Mafia”, with companies such as Pipedrive, Transferwise and other, known globally.
I went to Garage48 hub there, which is organizing various startup events worldwide and also worked at Incubator Tallinn.

I’ve also met guys from StartupWise – accelerator for B2B startups.


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