When you start working on a startup one of the first things you realize is the importance of FOKUSS.

I had some thinking about “Drop/develop/keep” approach after Riga module in Balticlab Project Development program.


This 3-steps process should become the part of entrepreneur’s daily life not only in regards to idea generation.

Once you start, you need to get rid of all the unrelated to your goal things : unlearn your expertise from previous jobs, unfollow topics and people you used to be interested in, unattend events, forget your daily routine, even may be break up with your boyfriend.
You will not be able to move forward and be flexible if you have to care about all these things.
Daily drop ideas and people that do not serve your goal anymore.

Even if your knowledge about something is very little, but you have a goal and wish to realize it, you need to bring all the energy towards developing it.
I heard some really inspiring stories how people without scientific education made a satellite and scientific center for kids, just because they followed their passion and spent days and nights to develop their knowledge of the subject and to make it work.
There are plenty of such stories with the main point that if you fell in love with some idea no matter how crazy it was you should go for it.

You might fight for the things that you need. There’ll always be external obstacles trying to defocus you, such as critics from mentors, investors, users – some of them are right but mostly they just have another goals and point of view.

I see no other barometer for deciding upon drop/develop/keep than your heart and intuition. Maybe there are some metrics or tactics which you can recommend, but for me it now works just like this.


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