Entrepreneurial Yoga

What is similar about making a startup and practicing yoga?

Even if you know nothing about how to do yoga right, you’re feeling better and having more energy after this hour of mechanically doing stuff and creating impulse for action.

Doing yoga with a coach who instructs you about the right asanas, staying conscious and knowing exactly the goal you will achieve is much more effective. If you practice systematically this can bring you to brilliant results.
Reading Osho sometimes is also good for creating an ideology inside, becoming more motivated, but if you just read all of the books and don’t practice that will be useless. The more you read, the more controversial the reading becomes, and finally it demotivates you because you don’t have a clear direction now.

It’s the same with making startups. There’re plenty of books for entrepreneurs in the market. Trying to read all of them and then doing everything right doesn’t work. Having a mentor who will help you during the process is good but useless without your homework. And sometimes you simply need to get your ass off the couch, overcome fear of doing sth wrong and mechanically do the basic stuff.
Start with downward dog for startups – let’s say, gathering feedback for ANY idea. At first idea can be bullshit, but you’ll already get into the process.
You got the point.

P.S. I’m a beginner in both, so probably it all becomes more complicated when you reach the next level.


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