3 Days in Stockholm – Traveling for Ideas

In December 2013 I participated in 3-days networking event Balticlab 2.0, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event was designed for young creative professionals and entrepreneurs from Baltic States.

Stockholm has recently emerged as one of the Europe’s hottest startup capital, with companies such as Spotify and local investors with money.

The city greeted me with a modern spirit of Marriott hotel and around 80 enthusiastic people waiting in the Lobby, all speaking different languages.

During 3 days, we were facilitated to talk to as many people as possible, having breaks only for eating and inspiring sessions about creativity, launching ideas, art, gender equality and the like.


I liked the idea of workshops and mixing people from various countries and backgrounds: thus it is a real eye opening experience. By 2-side collaboration, you get inspired by new ideas and become closer to participants.


I learned a lot about my neighbors from Baltic States: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and all of the sudden these countries became much close.

After the end of the program, I had a chance to see the old town and it was beautiful!

2013-12-15_1387126039 2013-12-15_1387143804

 P.S. – if you’re planning your trip for ideas to Stockholm, ask me, maybe I can help with people & places!


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