Why Inspiration is Key to a Startup Success

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the ingredients of success for a startup and suddenly realised that inspiration is a key to it.

Just think about it: in the era when there is too much noise everywhere, a startup needs much stronger reason to succeed than logiс and sufficient value proposition.

Inspiration is actually important both internally and externally: for getting customers buy your product and superstar employees to believe in your dream and work for you.

If this combination works right than everyone from a team becomes an evangelist for the product and then customers follow and become evangelists also.

In other words, there are actually people behind the product who make it inspiring.

There’s a test to see if the product is great and startup founders are doing a good job: are your employees inspired and evangelising? I mean not only sales people, but everyone from a team: from tech to HR. If they are NOT inspired, how do you manage to find and retain the best talent?

What is inspiring at a startup:

  • transparency
  • building trust, long-term
  • doing what you want – cause there’s no other reason for you to be here
  • great environment – collaboration & enthusiasm

Be inspired 🙂



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