2 Days in Bangkok – Startup Networking & Noodles

Back in March 2013 I went to Thailand having a 2 day stop in Bangkok.

Not knowing anyone from a Startup community in the city, I went to Evernote meetup which was held in Launchpad coworking space and organized by Tech in Asia.


 At the event I met local startup founders, investors and event organizers for Bangkok Entrepreneurs (video summary of the talk can be found here).

After the event we had informal networking part in Asian style : eating noodles all together (very spicy as usual).

After the event I was wondering what drives Asia Tech industry?

I came to the point that it is definitely a market size in line with a great potential for development. What I observed during my visit to Asia was a high level of socialization which helps to spread new technologies really fast- that is not the same for other regions, where people are generally more individualized. Also relatively cheap labor power which historically was an attractive factor for large corporations to start production there. And of course innovation is important.

P.S. If you ever go to Bangkok for startup networking, ask me and I may be able to help with hints & intros.


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