One trip to US that saved hours of hustling

Being a Fintech startup in London is a sweet spot, as you get a lot of exposure to the local financial community and VCs, but US Market with Wall Street is the top of the rock, so when Carlos from Seedcamp suggested us taking part in the trip to the US this year with TRDATA, we didn’t hesitate much.

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On Hacking

Today was the first day of 500 Startups Distro Dojo program in London, which I participated in as part of TRDATA team.

The program is designed to unlock the maximum potential of growth for the company, and we’re learning different aspects of growth. There’s a term “Growth Hacking” which we’ve been discussing today, and I got some additional thinking on the “Hacking” part.

So what distinguishes a Hacker? 

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Self Assessment of First-Time Startup Founder

On 20th April, we launched a publiс beta of Lini – a tool to perform batch operations on Linkedin contacts list. The first version of Lini worked as simple as this: it collected your connections from Linkedin and allowed to apply various filters to them, so that it was possible to create customized segments (e.g. CEOs from Internet industry in London) and then export data on users and send messages all at once.


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12 Days in New York – Fun And / At AdTech

New York is a city of inspiration.

There are so many things going on there, that there’s no surprise I found myself combining exploration of the city with advertising technologies ecosystem.

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For the first time in my life, I went to the Ad:Tech conference, which is one of the biggest events for advertising professionals. Before the ad:tech conference there’s actually a week of different events in advertising, and if you already partner with some of the organizing companies, you might be invited to them.

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Lifetramping Is A (New) Way Of Practical Learning

Remember how back then one had to shadow someone for years in order to learn the profession? Now despite all the technology advancements it became ridiculously hard to get practical education and make a career choice. But luckily some startups are striving to solve this problem.

This week I had my first “lifetramping” experience with Mariusz Cieśla – founder of Lifetramp.

I booked Mariusz through a web-site which was super easy and fast and he invited me to come to his office in Betahaus coworking space in Berlin.


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For All Those Who Love Changes – I Might Be One Of You

I like the idea of constantly optimizing and improving things both in your personal life and at work.

When I was a child, I started thinking of making the best use of time, so I would track the time I spent for doing an activity and try to multitask as much as it’s possible.

Now since I grew older I don’t believe in multitasking that much, rather on focusing, prioritizing and managing your time wisely.

Yet I can’t say about myself that I’m a super efficient time manager now, that’s why I love technology and new ideas which help me to get better in day-to-day processes.


I believed that structuring data and spreadsheets is the best thing you can do in order to optimize data in your brain and automate some business processes, I still believe in it, but it’s not the panacea for success now, since new technologies evolve.

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Saint Petersburg – The Romance of Rooftops

Couple of great business & leisure trips in June – July  2014 for White Nights Mobile conference & birthday party.

I really enjoyed spending time on the endless rooftops & bridges, watching sunsets, great architecture, view from a boat and authentic cocktails in hidden St. Petersburg bars.

I also gave a visit to St.Petersburg office of Yandex.


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